My daughter  is now a primary 1 student. Compared to previous kindergarten, school size is much bigger.

She may face various challenges from now on and struggle with them.

But what I want to do as her mum is to support her to be healthy and happy mentally & physically. adjusting distance between her and myself. 


Over breakfast this morning, I told her “You are always No.1 to Omma & dada. We are always with you. So please feel relaxed and enjoy your school life:)” .

I came across a article talks about depression of young students in Singapore recently.


To survive in this world is sometimes not that easy. But if we have someone’s true love, unconditional love, I think we can live strongly.

I want to be a mum whom my daughter can come to me and share stories when she is happy or sad.


BTW, today’s her lunch was egg & ham sandwiches:) This is my mum’s original menu and now my daughter loves a lot. Over generations.



My daughter told me she wants to cook dishes which I am cooking for her now: for her family in the future:)))



Have a lovely afternoon~!

with love,