Annyong haseyo~
I have been away from this HP for a while since it’s a school holiday and I am busy to entertain my daughter . Well, actually I am enjoying a time with her a lot:)

One of my daughter’s requests during the school holiday was to visit Yayoi Kusama exhibition at National Gallery Singapore.

It was amazing and inspired us a lot.

Arts and Culinary are very similar to make people surprised, happy and amazed.
And both should be free. I believe there are no rules how to create your own dishes or arts, to eat and enjoy.







So I am offering MY dishes to people in private lessons. 
I am a Korean born in Japan and migrated into Australia. Got Australian citizenship and now I live in Singapore. My dishes are based on Korean dishes which my mum cooked or taught. Additionally my dishes have many flavors and influences from other countries where I lived.

I love cooking because I love to eat delicious and healthy food with families and friends.
So if you want to learn my dishes for your loved one, please contact me.



Happy fathers day and happy birthday to my husband Anthony.
He requested to have his birthday dinner at home instead of dining out.
So he grilled beef steak and prawns and I made salad and other side dishes.
My daughter wrote cards and made birthday hat:)
It was relaxing and happy dinner at home.





I believe cooking at home and eating at home are the best.

My husband and my daughter always tell me “Omma’s food is the best and we don’t want to go out. Eating at home is the best to relax and enjoy.”

Also, my daughter told us “My daddy doesn’t want to waste his money. so eat at home!”
She is very cleaver and supportive to her daddy:)

with love,