Annyeong haseyo~^^

How’s your weekend? School holiday has started here in Singapore.
I guess many people are now on holiday~! Nice!

We had a relaxing weekend since I did not feel well…. 
But we celebrated our 11th wedding party anniversary on 19th November.
We had another marriage registration anniversary in August! I need to have a good excuse to have nice meals! hehe!

On our wedding party 11 years ago I wore a very traditional Korean dress “Hanbok“.


Koreans were hanbok on traditional festivals and celebrations.

My daughter lived in Sydney and now is in Singapore. But she weres hanbok on her birthday.
I buy a new hanbok every year from Korea:)



This Saturday is my daughter’s graduation concert.
My mum wore hanbok on my graduation days. So I will were hanbok too:)
*But Sophie suggested to bring another clothe to change after concert coz hanbok may be very hot and uncomfortable! Nice advice!

On special occasions I were hanbok and feel more respectful and special.

We do not live in Korea but hope my daughter will learn and feel the respect to Korean culture where her mum’s root exists.



Happy anniversary~!!!

Darling, Sophie, ???~!!!

with love,