Happy February!!!
Time flies. It’s already the second month of 2020!!!
How are things going so far? Hope everyone is happy and healthy.

Last night, Sophie and Omma was craving for Thai flavor.
Do you like Thai food? We do!

Omma was thinking of Deliveroo but Sophie prefers Omma’s Thai dishes.
So Omma made our favorite Thai salad “Yam Wun Sen”.
When we make dishes at home we can adjust seasonings. Our glass noodle salad has less chili & less garlic.

Yam Wun Sen (Glass noddle salad)
Yam Yun Sen (Glass noodle salad)

Other dishes are our usual Korean dishes.
Simply grilled pork belly with salt & pepper goes well with kimchi and this Thai salad.
It refreshes our mouths and stomachs.

Simply grilled pork belly with salt and pepper

Sometimes, we want to have something different from the Korean flavor.
Thai, Italian, French, Chinese, Vietnamese, Indian, etc!!!

If you are interested in my Thai salad, I can share my recipe in my class:)

Anyway, home-cooking is always the best!

Have a lovely weekend! Stay safe and healthy with healthy & delicious food + exercise!

with love,