How’s your first week in 2020? Hope all of you started happily and healthily.

Singapore has hot days and I lost an appetite a bit.
My fermented water kimchi helps me stimulate my appetite these days.
Its sourness, sweetness, and richness refreshing my mouth and stomach!
Every time I have a spoon of water kimchi, I exclaim “?? ?~ ???! ????!” which means my stomach is cleaned and refreshed. I feel it’s similar to the feeling when we have sparkling drinks or well-chilled champagne or beer!

But no more enough stock!!!

So I rushed into a supermarket to buy radish and made water kimchi (Mul kimchi, ???) today.

Every households or individual have their own way to make this kimchi.
My recipe is quite simple but delicious enough!
Sometimes I add napa cabbage but I prefer only with radish personally.
All ingredients can be purchased from supermarkets in Singapore.
The ways to make this water kimchi is not complicated at all if you learn from me with my recipe:)
I will add this menu to my lesson from March or so once I’ve completed a course I am taking now.
If you are interested, please come to my kitchen later.

Leave them at room temperature for a while and store in the fridge for a few days. Need to be patient!!!

Can’t wait to teach this water kimchi to someone who wants to learn:)

with love,