Have you seen a traditional Korean dress before?
We always wear Korean dresses (Chima Jeogori) on special occasions:)

Every year I buy my daughter’s Korean dress from Korea and she wears it on her birthday party.


Korean dress


I organized my daughter’s birthday party 6 times so far.
Twice in Sydney and four times in Singapore. + three times in Japan too!

This year again she invited her friends and had a great time with them to celebrate her 6th birthday. About twenty friends came to her party and made her super happy!!! Thank you so much!!! Kamsahamnida~!!!




We are all Australians from the view point of nationality on passport.

However, Omma is Korean race and she has Korean blood in her. 
I am happy she respects her mum’s Korean cultures & identity and she likes to learn and share Korean cultures with Omma. Especially she loves my Korean dishes including Kimchi!!!


Omma loves you so much!!!!!! Sarang he~!!! ???~ ? ? ???~!!!



with love,