Annyeong haseyo~!

How’s your week? It’s Friday! and tomorrow is my cooking workshops!!!

Mini-gimbap workshop @ 1pm & Fresh napa cabbage kimchi demonstration @ 4pm.

I am glad both sessions have been fully booked:) Thanks for your registration!


BTW, our dinner tonight was very delicious and healthy as usual!

Pan-fried beef with Korean squash. 



Spring vegetable from Korea. ????.
It is quite spicy but my daughter kept eating… “Spicy but yummy!””water!””Can’t stop!”
So cute!!!


Tang-ho namul, carrots namul and fresh napa cabbage kimch and cucumber kimchi. 


Ate well.

I aske my daughter “You eat too much!”

She told me  “Because your food is yummy and I am a hungry Caterpillar!”





Anyway, we have a bit more relaxing dinner than usual! coz it’s Friday!

See you tomorrow at Asian Civilizations Museum tomorrow!!!

with love,