Sophie had a happy start at a new school venue.
She was so happy to see her friends and teachers:)

Two big changes are

  1. temporary school venue due to renovation
  2. coming back by a public transportation
    From this year she won’t take a school bus in the afternoon as it takes too long for her to reach home even it’s very close.
    there is at least 45 minutes difference. It’s huge!

Anyway, the first day seems OK:)
We will have challenges without fears and worries.

Dinner tonight was her favorite dish! Well, she likes all the dishes I cook!
Stir-fried beef with celery (in spicy and sweet gochujang sauce)

Celery is a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. 
Also, its dietary fiber helps our digestive system. We all love it!
How about you?

Other dishes are pealed tomato in broth, Shanghai green namul, grilled yellowtail, a few types of kimchi, rice, Corona beer, and wine.
As you can see, we take lots of vegetable dishes always:)

Never forget KIMCHI!
Kimchi is our most precious dish to improve our internal health!
Our helper had terrible constipation before, however, she never has it anymore since she has started having my kimchi and my dishes.

I recommend you will take some kimchi every day for your guts!

Once I’ve completed my course, I will resume my lessons and able to teach you how to make delicious kimchi!!!
Wait for me~!!!

with love,