I had a lovely cooking class with lovely participants today!!!
Thanks for coming to my class!



Some of them have attended my previous Kabu kimchi class and came back to my class again!
*1st Kabu kimchi  *2nd Kabu kimchi 

Others came to my class for the first time but showed me cute smiles:)
Hope everyone enjoyed learning Korean dishes with me today.



Hands-on time



Today’s class was semi hands-on class and students saw my demonstration of Namuls (seasoned vegetables for Bibimpap) and cooked namuls by themselves.


For Chicken and Jjigae (Spicy soup) I showed them how to cook.





We all enjoyed Bibimpap lunch after 1.5 hours’s lesson.

I thank you all again. I feel very happy I could have a lovely class today.




See you soon again:)

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with love,















with love,