Time flies. 2020 is just around the corner. Our country Australia will welcome 2020 in a few hours ahead of us in Singapore.
How’s your 2019?
Ours are ups and downs. Guessing it’s just ike yours, right?

Our life is not always perfect. more like it is tough!
But that’s our life.
We can find happiness in challenges. I think in this way.

To wrap up our 2019, we spent our day peacefully as usual.
Visiting dentist, having lunch of Pho by deliveroo, swimming, cooking and having dinner at home.

As usual, we laughed a lot and talked a lot. This is more than enough.

Next year, I won’t be able to have cooking lessons for a few months.
But I will be back. Our life is short. I decided to try what I want to do.

Wish you all the best in 2020. Be happy, be natural, be yourself, and love yourself and your family more and more. Love is always over pouring.

Love you so much.

with love,

a happy dinner on the last day of 2019