Annyeong haseyo~^^

Today I will introduce one of my Korean fusion dishes:)

I have lived in Tokyo, San Francisco, Sydney and Singapore. So I always try to use local ingredients and what I can get there to make my dishes.
My dishes have variety of flavors from many countries:) Base is of course Korean tho! 


Stuffed Kimchi Rolls


Stuffed kimchi rolls












With Bamix, make pork mince from pork belly slices. 
Strain Tofu through a sieve.
Add seasonings and mix. Stuffing is very soft and smooth when Tofu is added.
And healthy! lower calories!








I made two types of rolls, one with kimchi and the other with normal cabbage:)

Sophie and darling love tonight’s dinner as usual:) Happy! 

Dinner - stuffed Kimchi Rolls