Annyeong haseyo~^^ ?? ?????~

What do you usually eat for breakfast?

We rotate patters try not to overlap a previous day.


This morning is barely rice with Natto (Japanese fermented soy bean), kimchi, salmon, mushroom namul and soup with Tororo-konbu. Super full! And kiwi & apple.

*Yesterday was multi-grain toast,yogurt and fruits:)


Do you know that a combination of natto and kimchi is amazing!!! 


Golden combination!!!


A super powerful Probiotic food!!!


We generally do not take probiotic supplements coz we always eat Kimchi at home.




Morning is a super busy moment but I think it is important to eat well.

What you eat in the morning may have an impact on your day! 

Hope everyone will start a new day with healthy breakfast today:)))

Have a lovely day!!!
?? ?? ???~^^


with love,