Annyeong haseyo~^^

Had a dinner?

MY daughter and I had delicious & healthy dinner as usual.
Lots of vegetables and fish!

My daughter requested her favorite spicy miso salmon with mushroom.



I usually steam salmon:)



Sophie’s portion:) She can finish all of them:)



Tonight was black rice mixed with white rice a bit. Very delicious! and healthy!!!

Black rice has great benefits to our bodies. Black rice contains plenty of fiber and vitamin E antioxidants and less sugar. 
Actually black rice is nutritionally superior to brown rice or white rice:)



And soup tonight was vegetables with chicken bones. 

Very sweet and delicious!!! 

We love soup and cannot have meals without soup. So I cook soup every day:)

Vegetables tonight were Choy Sim salad with spicy chili sauce and boiled broccoli.

Ate them all!


For us, this is our normal dinner but someone told me it’s a lot…

How about your dinner?

Have a lovely evening!

with love,