It’s a bit chilly day in Singapore. I do not need to turn on the aircon at all.


So I made Tteokguk (Korean rice cake soup) for our breakfast. 
Soup broth is kelp and sardine. And added soy sauce. Very simple. Very gentle taste:)

*Photos of Tteokguk cooking class on 19th January 2017*


Actually I made Tteokguk for my husband late lunch yesterday. He likes it too!






Today’s Sophie’s lunch box was sandwiches with egg & ham:) 
Yesterday was pasta and she prefers bread today.




She needs to bring lunch box, snack box and small snack box everyday.

I rotate patterns every week!

Her lunch box should be simple, easy to eat, small portion(she prefers), delicious and non-perishable…
And it can be prepared quickly in the morning! 
I do not wake up any earlier!!!


What do you pack for your kids?

with love,