Annyeong haseyo~! 


I am a Australian Korean born in Japan. My daughter is an Aussie who has Korean & Chinese blood. She was born in Sydney, Australia and now she lives in Singapore.

My family is like Bibimpap! Lots of mixture of background!!!

So my daughter has lots of cultural experiences since she was born.
She is very opened for differences. It is good thing about her.

On the other hand, there is some issue about an identity…

We talk about this topic later.

Today I will introduce my daughter’s favorite Chinese desert.

Salted egg custard ban“. She likes one in Dim Tai Fung:)

I found chilled type in Singapore Expo last Friday and bought it for my daughter.

She asked me “Omma, you should steam my bao now. It takes a few minutes. I need to sleep early. So you better do it now!” after dinner.

She came to my room and stopped me to work… Ok~, my princess. ???!






And once it’s done, she ran to a table!!!







 Soft, warm, sweet and salty!

A lovely desert!!!

My daughter is lucky since she can try many cuisines! 

with love,