A happy new year!!!

I hope everyone has started a happy Rat year!!!

My mother-in-law and my younger sister were born in rat year.
Do you have anyone in rat year in your family?

This year we did not visit families in Hong Kong for a few reasons and stay in Singapore.
We are having a relaxing and peaceful time at home.
Sophie is cooking a lot for us:)

cutting onions. Since Onion makes her cry she wears swimming goggles!

She baked choco-chip cookies, making Japanese curry for lunch tomorrow.
Later she will bake an apple pie for tonight.
Cooking is so much fun!

Cooking, reading, exercising, watching a movie, playing the piano, singing, and dancing, etc.
Even we do not go out anywhere there are so many things to do at home altogether.

Can’t wait to resume my private cooking lessons in March or so!!!

Have a lovely Sunday afternoon!

with love,