Annyeong haseyo~^^

Had a dinner? 

My daughter and I had a lovely dinner time as usual:)

She requested a marinate salmon in miso paste last night.
So I prepared salmon for her.

She loves it so much:)))

She told me she wants to learn how to cook these dishes for her family in the future. 
And just in case I forget hot to cook in the future…!


two girls' healthy dinner


She adds this sauce over salmon and broccoli:)

Omma's miso sauce


Other dishes are mushroom namul:) 


Pan-fried Endives with ginger sauce 


Korean squash soup


We always eat lots of vegetables:)




Last night was pork. so tonight was fish.

I always plan menus try not to overlap. Planning menus are the most difficult part!!!!

It’s fun tho!!!

Coz, their happy faces are waiting for me over meals:)))

I hope everyone had a healthy and happy dinner too!

with love,