Had a dinner:)?

It takes more time for me to recover fully this time… had some body checking today just in case.
But getting much better now.

My daughter is totally OK and super naughty as usual! She is back!

My hubby changed his flight as I was terribly sick and he & my daughter looked after me really well with their loves.
I feel I am so blessed. People marry someone from totally different backgrounds and live together. There are a few difficulties always and ups & downs. But getting over together make couples bonded. And I feel it is actually unconditional love. I do not expect any returns from my husband and daughter. I just love them and care about them. I want to be happy with them. Family is like this, right?
Of course, we quarrel often too!!! Hehe!

This morning, I asked my daughter what she wants to have for a dinner tonight. She said “Japchae” straight away.
So I prepared all ingredients and let her cook Japchae coz she loves cooking together with me.

She follows all steps I explained and made a wonderful delicious Japchae!!! And, sweet corn soup too!














This is what I really like and make me happy. Cooking together with my daughter.
It made me relaxed and happy. This bonding time is precious for me.




Sophie's Japchae



While we had a dinner, we talked about all steps of Japchae and my daughter is so proud of herself.
Actually, it was much delicious than what I cooked! Because my daughter made it for me with her special seasoning called “LOVE”.







For cooking, “LOVE” is essential seasoning. Without love, I don’t think we can make something really touching and delicious.










Anyway, I feel much better after cooking with my daughter tonight.
Thank you Sophie.
Omma loves you so much!!!