Annyeong haseyo~^^

How’s your week so far? Mine is not bad!

Actually we are all getting used to early morning shift:) 
Also, I can run really well. Yesterday was 5km in 18min!!! 

BTW, what do you eat for breakfast usually?

I eat rice, cereals, toast with fruits depending on my mood.

For my daughter I always prepare rice dishes. So she won’t be that hungry till a school recess!

To rice, I add some other ingredients to add nutrition:)

This morning was Shirasu (Whitebait) and egg. I mixed two together and add a pinch of sugar.

In a skillet, add sesame oil and cook quickly over mid-high heat.

Place egg on rice and sprinkled sesame seeds.




You may add soy sauce a bit if you like:)

My daughter sometimes add Korean seaweed too. Very delicious and easy to eat in a busy morning.


Shirasu is available in Japanese supermarkets in Singapore.




Shirasu has nutritious benefits. It contains DHA & EPA and calcium a lot:)

And this soft shirasu is good for small children. It is soft and easy to eat. 

You can  try this rice for you or your family to start a new day in the morning:)

Best regards,