Time flies. It’s the end of September.
This year, I reduced my work portion such as cooking lessons and workshops a lot to support my daughter’ PSLE journey.
PSLE is just around the corner and we will finish this journey soon.

I have been receiving many inquiries about cooking lessons. I am sorry I can’t make it this year.
All lessons and workshops will resume in 2023.
Hope I see you next year.

Cooking is fun. There are the principles of course. However, there is no rules.
Cook with your love. Don’t be a slave of recipe. Don’t be afraid to be creative.
Follow your passion, feeling, and senses!
We all have our own preferences.
So let’s enjoy cooking for someone whom you love:)

I will share my easy, simple, healthy and delicious dishes if you would like to learn from me!

Meanwhile, please enjoy my postings on FB & IG.