Good morning~!!! ?? ?????~^^


Finally no rain in the morning!!! But it’s still chilly!!! We need a thicker jacket in Singapore now!

My daughter woke up at 5:55 am as usual and had breakfast. She is a very good girl:)
Sleeps well and wakes up well! Outside is still very dark!!!




school lunch box today


Today’s my daughter’s lunch is mixed rice with broccoli & salmon and egg.
I used them from last night🙂 taste is tomato ketchup:) 


Also, I packed mini-sandwiches for her snack time. filling is strawberry jam:)





Hope she will enjoy them as usual:)


My daughter's lunch



This week is a special coz Friday is for Chinese New Year Celebration in the school!

They can dress up for celebration:)

And tomorrow is Australia Day!!!

Australia Day is the official National Day of Australia!!!

Every year on 26 January we celebrate Australia day:)
My daughter celebrates the day with Aussie BBQ~!!! Cool!!!

Very busy and special week!!!

Hope everyone has a lovely day~!!!

with love,