Annyeong haseyo~^^

How do you plan your meals always? Any special way to plan?

What I am doing is that seafood- meats- seafood – meats… like that.
Meats are beef, chicken, pork, lam, and quail. Seafood is fish, shellfish, sashimi.
I cook them in turns.

Omma: “Sophie, what do you feel like to eat tomorrow dinner?”

Sophie: “Maybe Sashimi? Coz we had chicken tonight.”

It was our conversation last night. She knows my pattern to cook:) 

That’s why dinner tonite was “Sashimi Rice Bowl in Korean style“.

She loves sashimi!

 For Sophie, I did not add kimchi. I mixed Sashimi with special Korean sauce. The sauce has chili tho!

 Mine is with my kimchi! Very delicious!!!

We seldom have rice bowl dish expect bibimpap for dinner. 
But Sashimi rice bowl is very nice too:)

with love,