How’s your day today?

I had a busy one as usual!!! Since my daughter started a primary school my life became extremely busy…!!!

BTW, tonight was pan-fried salmon fillets upon Sophie’s request:)

I made her favorite sauce for salmon and cabbages.




 This sauce is amazingly delicious!!! My daughter Loves it!




This is Tang-ho namul:) 



wrap salmon, barley rice with omma’s sauce:)




We always eat lots of vegetables with meats or fish.


Over a dinner, we talk a lot. This is a precious family time to share own stories with others.


Having a delicious meal bonds people.


People won’t get upset when they have a delicious meal with loved one.


Healthy & delicious dishes with love from those who prepare dishes are absolutely special and the best!



Have a lovely sleep!!!!

Nite nite!



with love,