Annyeong haseyo~^^

Enjoy your dinner?

My daughter and I had salmon tonight. One of her favorite:)


salmon with mushrooms


Add spicy sauce if you like:)


spicy sauce for salmon



My daughter really like this salmon with sauce:)


Other dishes are kimchi as usual and spinach namul.




I matched this wine to my dishes tonight:)



Over dinner tonight, she told me the story about full dress-up rehearsal of a graduation concert next week.
She will wear gawn and hat. 


Tears welled up in my eyes…..
Lots of stories crossed my mind and felt deeply blessed that she has been growing up well.

I am not a good mum but she always accepts me and loves me no matter how I am.
There are tons of things I can learn from my daughter.


Time flies.

I will do my best as mum, wife and Korean cooking teacher next year again.

To see many happy faces!

Somehow I became sentimental tonight!!!

Have a lovely evening!

with love,