had dinner? What did you have?

Tonight our dinner was quite simple.
Omma marinated chicken legs and put them in the oven.
Omma made napa cabbage leaves namul, soup, and rice.
Of course, there are a few types of kimchi.

Fresh vegetables can be last long but if you make them as kimchi or pickle, I can last much longer and better in nutrition.

Now the situation in Singapore is not really good. But our family has Omma’s kimchi and garlic.
It all goes well with rice and rich in health benefits.

People are buying instant foods a lot to survive but actually I don’t think that is a good idea.
Instant foods contain lots of chemical ingredients which are unhealthy for our body.
In this difficult situation, we need to take care of our body more with healthier choices such as home-cooking.
If you are weak in the immune system, you easily get infected.

To obtain your steady healthy condition, we really need to care about our diet and exercise.
There is no magic. If you have bad habits for so many years, it may take time to cleanse and recover.
But don’t wait anymore. You postpone more, it might be more difficult to recover.

I can give you advice through diet and exercise.
I can share all of my tips to be healthy and happy.
Please contact me if you want to have my personal training.

Everyone, please be calm and don’t forget to pray.

This sad situation made by human beings. Now we need to be strong using our wisdom.

Hope all of you are safe, strong and calm.

Let’s pray.

with love,