Annyeong haseyo!

It’s raining everyday in Singapore and a bit cold. Well, it’s not winter-cold but chill.
A few people are sick around us.
Next week is my daughter’s graduation concert and hope she won’t get sick!!!


I have finished my last cooking class in 2016 last week and having a bit relaxing time to read books or doing admin things at home.



Our place has been decorated in Christmas and it’s lovely:)

I really like Christmas season! 

Since I migrated from Japan to Australia I celebrate SUMMER Christmas.
Santa Claus wears swimming suit and rides on surfing.

So in Sydney, we celebrate “Christmas in July“. July is winter in Sydney.

And now here in Singapore it is still summer Christmas. 

Personally I prefer WINTER Christmas tho! White Christmas is very romantic!!!

Do you have any special plans during this holiday season:)?

Hope everyone will have something special with your loved one:)



with love,