From March, I will start conducting a private yoga stretching lesson.

While I have been teaching Korean cooking, I feel something missing.
To be healthy, well-balanced meals and regular exercise are a must.
Even we cook well and eat well if we do not do any exercise it does not make up healthy.
So I will start a private yoga lesson with meal advice.
Is anyone interested?
I will share all my ways to maintain the body and the mind happy and healthy.

downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana)
This posture gave you a full-body stretch calming your mind and relieving the stress.

If you are interested in my private yoga lesson with meal advice (I can share my parenting tips too!),

please contact me @

My aim is to help my students happy mentally and physically through yoga and healthy meal plans.

I can share my stories too.
How I reached this stage:) I came over from many difficulties too! That’s how I met Yoga!
Long story!

Life is never easy.
But we can make ourselves calms and positive in any situation through training.

Let’s do yoga with me:)

with love,