Annyeong haseyo~^^

Sophie tried a new dish tonight! “Saeu-jeon” (???) is prawn pancakes.

*Saeu means prawn and Jeon means pancake.
*There are several type of jeons.

We dip prawns in flour and egg. Then pan-fried them:)

Very very yummy dish!

Today, I let her try all steps!!! She enjoyed cooking a lot! And well-done!


Prawn pancakes




She was singing while she was cooking! So nice!


Prawn pancakes


She always loves tasting while she is cooking!

Do not eat that a lot!

Cooking with Sophie is my favorite time:) 
We can talk about ingredients, nutrition and histories, etc.!
Lots of laughs and smiles during cooking!

Good job Sophie:)

with love,