Good morning!!! ?? ?????~!!!

I woke up at 5 am as usual and prepared my daughter’s lunch box. 
She requested penne for her lunch:)

Penne with broccoli & ham




My daughter likes black pepperπŸ™‚



Parmesan cheese attached:)




She said “Omma, I want to bring my lunch everyday. Because…

1. I am too hungry to line up to buy lunch at canteen

2. Actually food at canteen doesn’t look delicious.

3. I can eat quickly and have a time to play during recess!


True. Omma agreed!!!

She has only 30 minutes recess. I prefer to pack her lunch too:) 



BTW, this is a view from our place after she left home at 6:30 am.





Have a lovely day everyone!!!

?? ?? ???~^^

with love,