Annyeong haseyo~^^

Let me introduce a new dish “Pan-fried zucchini” today.

Originally it is made of Korean squash (Ae-hobak, ???). 

But Korean squash is not easily available for everyone and I use zucchini for alternative:)



After a few steps, dip into beaten egg and pay-fry.

The way to cook is sort of simple but this dish is very authentic.

We eat this with dipping sauce. (soy sauce, vinegar and chili powder, etc)



This dish is actually called “Jeon (?)” in Korean. Dredge ingredients with flour and dip into beaten eggs. And pan-fry them. 

It can be made of cod fish, prawn, mushroom and other ingredients:)


You may check this for my daughter’s prawn jeon making!

with Love,