Annyeong haseyo~^^

How’s your weekend so far? 

Mine is not bad~
Upon my daughter’s request, we went to a Italian restaurant to have a lunch today.

She requested an oyster and enjoyed so much! She LOVES oysters! 
She turned 6 recently and there are nothing she cannot eat. She enjoys all dishes with Omma and daddy:)
She eats Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, Thai, Malay, Singaporean, other European or Asian food. 

Since she started solid food, I have been sharing most of my dishes. She is well-trained:)


 She drunk all juice too!!!

In Korean way, we eat oysters with Chogochujang (Gochujang + vinegar).

It’s actually really nice too!!!

Anyway, it was a lovely lunch time:)

with love,