Annyeong haseyo~^^

It rains at least once everyday in Singapore. Miss a sunny day!!!

How do you decide your menu every single day? I always ask my daughter and husband if he is in town.


She requested Omma’s chicken wings a few days ago. I marinated chicken wings in my original sauce and grilled in oven for about 10 minutes. Very juicy and delicious:) 


And another dish was Prawn mayo. I mixed mayo, milk, sweet chili sauce, garlic and light soy sauce. It’s very delicious. One of our favorite menu goes well with spicy dishes.


Creamy dishes counterpoint spicy dishes:) 




Other dishes are as usual. Namuls and kimchis.



I sometimes enjoy black beer. My favorite:) 




I feel a bit down recently somehow… so need to eat well and take a rest.

Be relaxed and take it easy!


Life is not that easy and smooth anyway. Right?



Have a lovely day!


with love,