Annyeong haseyo^^

I really appreciate all of you. 
Now November is fully booked:)

There is no classes in December.
Available lots in November will be announced by the end of November.

Meanwhile, please visit my pages and enjoy photos of delicious dishes:)

with love,






Time flies!!! October is just around the corner!!!!

Hope everyone had a lovely September:)

Here are open slots in November.


  1. 5th November (Tuesday)  – reserved

  2. 7th November (Thursday) – reserved 

  3. 11th November (Monday) -reserved

  4. 13th November (Wednesday) – reserved

  5. 26th November (Tuesday) -? reserved

  6. 28th November (Thursday) – reserved


There are kids holiday camp in November.


Date: 18th(Mon), 20th(Wed) and 22nd(Fri) for 3 days.
Details are here


Please send me email ( or send me WhatsApp message (If you have my number) to reserve your slot.


Slots will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.

Also, For November one person can take one slot as I want many people to have a chance to learn my dishes in the last month of 2019.
Appreciate your kind understanding and support:)


There are no cooking lessons in December.
All classes will be resume from January 2020.


Look forward to cooking with you in my kitchen!!!!!





with love,