Good morning all. I hope everyone has lovely days. a few more days to Chinese New year!!!

Ours are as usual. We wake up at 5 am and have breakfast.
Sophie goes to school at 6:30 am and Omma goes to classes.
Dada is on a business trip. Our helper Rosie do house chores.
Everyone is busy to complete own tasks 🙂

As you know I have been attending classes every day and very busy.
But I am cooking meals every day. need to be very efficient to prepare dishes in a short period!

Royal Japchae with rice cakes

Japchae, stir-fried bitter melon with kimchi & pork, potato namul, grilled fish, water-kimchi, etc.
We always try to have many vegetables along with meats & seafood.

Cooking is not easy but always fun.

Healthy and delicious meals make us happy physically and mentally.

A few more months to go! I will be back soon for lessons in April!!!

Have a lovely day!

with love,