As you may know, my mum is a famous Korean cooking teacher/chef in Tokyo, Japan:)

She occasionally on TV, magazine and other medias. 

And this time she had the event with a very famous Chinese cuisine chef Mr. Wakiya in Tokyo.
Collaboration between Chinese cuisine and Korean cuisine!



For more photos of the event, please visit my mum’s homepage.


I am very proud of what she is doing in Tokyo, Japan.

It’s not because she is famous. It’s because she is trying her best to accomplish her aim & dream.
Never give up. Keep her spirit high.
Never forget passion, vision, kindness, smiles and love to others.


She is my dream. 

I am in Singapore away from her, away from the place I was born & grew up.
But I will keep my dream and mission high like her.

Never forget about LOVE & PASSION!


with love,