Annyeong haseyo~^^

How’s your weekend?

I had a lovely weekend! My daughter had her ballet annual concert on Sunday and theme was “Sleeping beauty“.
It was a lovely show! We really enjoyed many little angels were dancing!


Sophie started ballet when she turned three and it was her second concert. 

Last year she got appointed as a leader to lead younger one on the stage. She did well but looked so nervous. 

Compared to the last year, She  looked enjoyed herself a lot and showed smiles on the stage🙂


I could tell she was having fun!!!


 I am blessed that I can see her growing well by her.


I as her Omma (Mummy in Korean) am supporting her with love, healthy dishes and smiles:)))

Well,,, sometimes become scary Omma tho!


Her ballet teacher

 I really appreciate her teacher! She really likes her teacher and this is very important for her to continue lessons!!!





Also, she has her buddy:) Two Aussie girls!!!  Her buddy girl is one year older and Sophie respects her a lot!



Having a lovely teacher and friends!!!

I really really thank all of them to make Sophie’s ballet life lovely!!!



with love,