Annyeong haseyo~^^

After a long holiday I am quite busy…!!! following up with work, looking after my daughter and husband!

Once we were back from Australia I have started cooking as usual.

Tonight, my husband complains after a dinner…

“I am getting fat when I eat your food. It’s delicious and you made a lot…!”




 Ummmm… Is my fault???

Sophie told me the same ” I ate too much!!!”

OK~ Will try not to make many and delicious then!!!


Omma's spring roll. Omma has her secret recipe:)


Snow pea namul with pine nuts sauce


Korean squash soup


Grilled sausages


steamed vegetables and salmon


Tang-ho namul


Chicken in oven



I am uploading photos after a dinner and it makes me hungry again…!!!

with love,

vegetables in oven


marinated chicken drumsticks in oven