Annyeong haseyo~!

I have received a very happy message from my partner Yasuko-san from Spoonful tonight.

She shared her dinner photo she made tonight “Bibimpap”!!!

Yes. I had a Bibimpap class this morning and she helped me to do a class as business partner.

She was not actually a student but she is always learning well:)


bibimpap, korean cooking, Spoonful


BTW, I have an approval from her to upload her photo:)

These kinds of sharing from people who joined my classes make me so happy.

There are many many healthy and delicious Korean dishes that nave been not known yet.


I will do what I can do here in Singapore to make Korean cuisine known by more people in Singapore.

I am proud of my Korean race:) Coz we have lots of delicious & healthy dishes!!! 

with love,