My daughter is always around me when I am cooking.
She sometimes helps me or just wants to have a bite!


I have been leading her and showing her how to eat and how to enjoy cooking, eating and appreciating food.

I have seen many cases that children do not prefer to eat vegetables or become very picky.
(Expect the case they have some dietary issue or allergy)

In our place, it never happened. 
Sophie was led to eat everything Omma cooks or serves evenly since she started solid.

Nowadays people are talking about “food education” a lot and struggling to feed their own kids in a well-balanced manner.

But I believe that if parents eat well and show them happily eating, they will be interested in what parents are eating and curious about taste.
And parents would tell them how healthy to us, how it grows, how to cook and how it helps for them to grow.

I don’t think it’s not that difficult. Having a meal together and talk about dishes may improve their eating habits.

For example, I never push Sophie to eat Kimchi or other spicy dishes. But because I eat well and dishes looks so delicious, she naturally started eating:) Curiosity is one of the key.


The other possible reason kids do not eat proper meals may be snacks. I do not give Sophie snacks before meals. Even she gets a bit hungry before a dinner, for example, I let her wait.
Hunger is the best ingredient!!!
I know if we give some snacks, kids would calm down and easy for parents.
But to make them eat three meals well, parents should make them hungry!

Also, I always talk about “This has lots of vitamin and makes your skin strong and beautiful”,”This makes your eye sights clear”,”This makes your bones strong”, etc.

So Sophie naturally learns to eat everything. She can eat all veges, fish, meats Omma cooks or served in restaurants.
Of course she has her preference as us!

But she knows the importance of eating well.

And she is lucky! Her mum is a Korean chef! Her grandma is a Korean chef! Her auntie is a Korean chef too!!!

Koreans eat lots of vegetables and also fermented food every day.
If you choose right & well-balanced menus and cook well, Korean dishes are very healthy! And very delicious!!!


So I would like to introduce healthy dishes to more people in Singapore. I will arrange dishes simple & easy for everyone:) 
If you are interested in my dishes, please join my classes:)

Oh! BTW,

My daughter created her own recipe!!! 
It’s super lovely!!!!!! 



with love,