Annyeong haseyo~^^

It’s Wednesday!!! a few more days to weekend!!! ?????


We are getting used to early morning shift and my daughter could wake up by herself at 5:55am!!! Great!!!

Yesterday, she tried a school canteen to buy her light lunch with friends:) She told me she bought a fishball soup noodle at $1.00 & strawberry milk. 

I prefer to let her eat my lunch box but sometimes it is good for her to explore something different with her friends and learning how to use money. 

So I will let her try a school canteen once a week at least:) 

Today Omma made her lunch “fried rice with carrots namul, broiled broccoli and salami“.
You can prepare all ingredients previous evening.

In the morning you can re-fry them to heat up.


fried rice




My daughter’s favorite my thick egg-roll:)


One is for a recess and the other is for snack break. Always she needs to bring two:)




Hope she will enjoy her lunch box and snacks in school:)

BTW, I received a few requests if I can arrange some classes to teach how to prepare small children’s lunch boxes.

Is anyone interested???
If so, please let me know! I may consider:)

with love,