I have not been writing so often here. If you visit here and found no updates, I am sorry for you.

In June, I have decided to spend the most of time with my daughter.
It’s her first long school holiday for a month.
We had trips plans but needed to cancel for some reasons. 
So She joined two sports camps this time and she extremely enjoyed them!!!

First camp was Ice skating camp.
We visited ice links a few time and she wants to learn how to skate better. 






The other camp was sports camp and she played a few types of sports.
She extremely enjoyed playing and got sweat a lot!!!


 She also experienced many things and joined a few events during the school holiday this time.



























We stayed in Singapore for a month and it was the first time for us not to flight.

Even Sophie she is frequent flyer and she flies every quarter actually since she was born.


We could not go out from Singapore this time and a bit dissapointed but we had a great family bonding time. 
We spent a whole month all together.

I am blessed that I have my lovely husband and daughter.

And thanks for contacting me for a private class or workshop during June.
Will be back in July again:)

Next update will be about my dishes during June holiday.

Stay tuned 🙂

Love you everyone.

Have a peaceful and relaxing sleep and a gentle morning tomorrow.

Nite nite.

with love,