What do you cook for your husband or partner when he/she comes back late?

I usually make something easy to eat/quickly.

My husband came back late from buz trip and he was still hungry.


Our texts once he landed in Singapore.

Me: “Are you hungry?”
My husband : “Yes”

Me: “OK~”

So quickly prepared a rice bowl dish for him.

Salmon with mushroom on rice and add sunny side-up. 




He quickly finished this dish:)

Since I married him, I always make him late meals when he comes back late with hungry stomach.


I could not see the full moon yesterday… How about you?

This is a shop I took right now from our balcony.



I really like a view from our balcony nothing block our view.

When we lived in Sydney we had a very similar view.

We do not know how long we stay in Singapore but I really like this country.

Have a sweet dream:)

?? ?~^^


with love,