Annyeong haseyo~^^

Do you have your favorite kitchen ware brand? I have a few particular brands I prefer and

LE CREUSET is one of them.

I have a few pots, dishes and utensils and they are my best friends๐Ÿ™‚

I saw information of their family sale starting from today and went there.
When I got the venue there are long long queue!!! 

Luckily met friends my shopping time became super fun!!! 


Anyway, I could manage to bay sometimes I wanted to buy.





Especially I am happy coz I could buy Oval French oven pot 31cm size. I had a smaller but wanted to have bigger one. And 31cm one usually cost around S$1000 but today it was S$429.00!!! Good deal! Yay!!! 


Other items I bought today are…!

Bought 19 items in total! Wow!!! 




Welcome to my place~^^ 

BTW, this combination is very cute~!




If you have a time, you may go and find something cute for you:)

with love,