Annyeong haseyo~^^

Have you heard of bamix before?
bamix is a hand-held blender and it is very great kitchen utensil!!!


My Barmix


My first bamix was a present from my mum.
When she visited me in Sydney about one decade ago, she bought me the red bamix.

She uses bamix a lot too! 

I have been using bamix every single day since then.


























My mum introduced some dishes with bamix in the 30th Anniversary booklet of bamix before:)

My first one is from Sydney and second one is purchased in Singapore recently.

But the second one is something wrong… I need to bring down to technical support centre…
Hope it will be fixed on the spot!

bamix can be used for many many dishes!!!

You can check their website to check how wonderful bamix is!

bamix is one of my best friends in my kitchen!!!



With love,