I hope everyone and the family are doing well in this coronavirus fighting period.

Today, I have something to tell you. It is something personal and it has impacts on my cooking lessons.
I tried to separate personal issues with my work but I decided to share my story here with you.

I have a younger sister who is six years younger than me and she is currently living in Tokyo, Japan.
She got admitted to the hospital over the weekend urgently as she found out that she has acute leukemia (blood cancer).

Her illness requires a blood marrow transplant and I may be a possible donor for her. I was so down over the past few days but now I decided to face reality as my sister has declared a fight against her sickness on her blog today.

Depending on her treatment options, I may need to visit her in Japan. As a result, I may need to cancel all of my classes.

I am seeking your kind understanding of my situation.

This journey might get longer and tougher but I really really want to be with her and walk with her and my family in person back in Tokyo.

For the March lessons, I will try my best to keep the schedule but if I need to fly out, I will seek your understanding individually.

In the meantime, I can’t confirm my April schedule yet.

I am very sorry but now I need to support my lovely younger sister fighting against her illness.

I wish everything goes well and I will be back to teach your favorite Korean dishes. Thanks for your kind understanding.

Life is short and let’s treasure it. Be happy and do what you want to do. Time is precious.

*This is her message to her students チュリョン先生からのメッセージ She is a cooking teacher like myself.

with love,