Annyeong haseyo~^^

I would like to talk about my dietary habit a bit:)

Some people asked  me why I don’t gain weight.


The reason is I am really care about dietary balance and exercise!
As you may know, I cook a lot and eat a lot every single day!


There are main two practices:) 

1. I try to control a total balance of three meals
So I cook every single day and am able to keep a good balance:)
If you cook, you have a whole power and right to control your dietary balance!!!
Everything is clear! And you can hear your body’s voice well. 


Korean home-cooking dishes are actually very very healthy!
We eat and enjoy lots of vegetables along with meats or seafood.

And of course, we eat lots of kimchi which is rich in nutritious benefits!!!


2. I try to exercise as much as possible.

I started swimming lesson when I was 4 years old. And afterwards, I did Korean dance, running and started the gym when I was 16 years old. Since then I have never stopped exercising.

Oh! Actually after giving a birth, I could not go to the gym for a while. 


We are all busy and difficult to make a time. But we can try.

Even 10 min or 20 min we try to find a time slot and move your body:) 



Through my experience, both Cooking & Exercising should be your habit.

Once it become your habit, you actually do not feel tough or stressed!!!

Like three meals and sleep. Make it nothing special:)


 Both cooking and exercising need efforts and time. 

But all good on you!!!



I have my daughter who is a fresh primary student and asked her to promise three things.


1. Sleep well

2. Eat well

3. Exercise/Play well


For her age, these are very important things. 
If she is healthy mentally & physically, she can do something else happily:)


And this can apply adults too:)



So everybody, please come to my cooking class to learn healthy Korean home dishes:)
I can support you in terms of healthy eating habit!

Next public cooking class in February would be “Japchae” using vermicelli.
Friendly, healthy and delicious recipe!

Details will be updated later:) 



Have a lovely evening~^^

with love,