Annyeong haseyo~^^

How’ your days after a long holiday? Guess it may be a bit tough to go back to the reality!

My daughter has started a primary school on 3rd January and our lifestyle has changed a lot!!!

I wake up at 5am and prepare her lunch & snack boxes. We all have a breakfast together at 5:50am. And she leaves home at 6:30am. It’s still very dark!!!!

Singapore local schools start very early!!! It takes a time for us to get used to this early morning lifestyle!!!

She eats this lunch box during recess between 10:15am – 10:45am.

Teachers asked parents to pack something easy to eat. 

So I prepare rice balls or sandwiches. 
She can also buy something to eat from school canteen:) That’s gonna be fun for girls!
So I will let her buy food sometimes. <- It means I can sleep more!



For breakfast, I let her eat something to stay her stomach longer.
Rice with something. This is rice with bean & Hijiki. She can take protein, calcium, fiber and iron through this one bowl of rice!!! 
And easy to eat in the morning! <- this is actually very important in a very busy morning!


Tomorrow is Friday!!!
A weekend is just around the corner!!!!!!! Can’t wait!!!

Everyone hang in there!



with love,