Annyeong haseyo~^^

My daughter has a Korean private tutor once a week and she had it this morning.

She was born in Sydney and came to Singapore when she was about three.
So she basically doesn’t have much chance to explore Korean in her life.

I know it’s tough to learn languages if we do not have a chance to use.
But I won’t give up.

I do not want her to master but at least she should know how to read, write and have a general conversation in the future.

Now she can write and read Korean characters:) This is great!
*Actually it is not that difficult to learn Korean letters:) 


And she is learning lots of words.


Sophie's Korean text book for today

 Her teacher brings a new text book every time and she needs to finish it.
After a lesson, she has homework and needs to memorize words and expressions.

Recently the teacher asks Sophie to read more Korean books. 
Omma needs to help her


These are inside of today’s textbook. Anyone can read:)?




Omma will do my best for her!!!

Never give up!!!

with love,