Annyeong haseyo~^^

Have you watched the Korean drama Dae Jang Guem (???) before?
In that drama, lots of Korean royal cuisines are introduced.

Here “Gujeolpan” is one of them and my daughter’s most favorite dish!!!

*Gujeolpan (???, ???)




Gujeolpan refers to this beautiful wooden plate which has 9 sections.

Gu-jeol-pan’s “Gu” is number nine (9) and it means perfection or fulfilled.

Gujeolpan has 8 kinds of assorted vegetables, meats or seafood and craps in the centre.

There are yellow, red, white, black and green colors. It looks very beautiful and tastes delicious as well. People can enjoy this dish by eyes and mouth.

Great dish for a special occasion.

When I make Gujeolpan at home, usually I use vegetables in fridge:) My arrange:)

I enjoy Korean royal cuisine in my style!

Tonight will be Gujeolpan upon my daughter’s request!

Will update photos later again:)

with love,