Annyeong haseyo~^^

Yesterday I made Korean miso soup with Napa cabbage.

When I make Napa cabbage Kimchi, I remove outer leaves of cabbage. Coz it is hard and not suitable for kimchi. But of course I won’t throw them away!

boil outer leaves and rinse over running water. drain well and cut into eatable size. and use for other dishes.

With outer leaves, I always Doenjang guk (Korean miso soup).
Also, it is called “Ugoji-guk (????)”. Korean vegetable soup. 
Ugoji is outer leaves of cabbage or leafy greens.

My favorite is using rice-washed water. It makes soup very mild and creamy.



Broth is usually dried sardines. But yesterday I used my special ingredients to make broth.


Mix boiled cabbage with Doenjang(Korean miso paste) with garlic and add in a soup.

I prefer to add green & red chilis🙂 Before adding chili, I take my daughter’s portion in a separate pot.

I love this soup!!!

with love,